What makes KFit unique?

There are a few things that make KFIT unique. First, we specialize in training solely women. We understand what women need to stay accountable and motivated. Offering fitness and nutrition challenges, sharing recipe ideas and sending simple emails to check in, helps to keep members engaged at home and in the gym.  Next, our style of training has proven again and again to be the most effective way to build strength, blast fat and improve body composition at any stage of life. Our programming is the key to our success and a major player in what keeps our members coming back for more. The last and most unique thing about KFIT is our community. Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey or a seasoned veteran, each and every member has a way of inspiring others to be a better version of themselves. The support and encouragement we offer each other both in and outside the gym is unlike any other out there.


We understand that there are different stages on the road to health. You don’t need to be fit to start KFIT!  We will help you find a program that is perfect for you!

Couch 2 KFIT
The perfect six-week fitness and nutrition starter program to help you kickstart your wellness journey, with a very handheld approach!

Our FitCustom class fits all levels and offers a full-body workout complimenting a 2-3x/week training schedule.

Our 60-minute Bootcamp class uses progressive training methods for the fitness junkie who trains 4-6/per week.

The option of 30 or 60-minute Private Training sessions geared specifically to a clients individual fitness level and personal goals.

Nutrition Coaching
Our most popular plan offers a full meal plan, including recipe preparation and shopping lists. Meal Plans are custom to your lifestyle, age and activity level with online support to ensure you reach your goals.

Natalie Johnson is a clinical massage therapist with a focus on Cross-fitters, ultra-marathoners, tri-athletes, and everyday workers with repetitive use issues.

Physical Therapy
Dr. Kellie Bedoni is a physical therapy specializing in orthopedics and sports medicine. She is now performing PT sessions at KFIT!

Play Care
We provide on sight babysitting at various class times. Our sitting room meets the needs of all ages and our Caretakers are CPR certified as well as active KFIT members.

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Member Testimonials

This is why we are inspired to do what we do! Our Member’s journeys vary greatly but they all seem to have a similar ending. Check out these amazing stories and continued inspirations in our community.