Your Body is the Least Interesting Thing About You

Your Body is the Least Interesting Thing About You

Hey ladies! Coach Kerrie here, and I will be your mindset guru over the next several weeks. I am so excited to open the conversation on topics like self-acceptance, food freedom, and more. These areas are just as important, if not more (for some of us), but ones that are never addressed in the diet industry. So I am here to shine a big glowing light on them.

With that being said, let’s cue the title of our first topic, “your body is the least interesting thing about you.”.  Let that sink in a few times as you repeat it to yourself. Again and again and again.

Your body is, in fact, the least exciting thing about you. Hard to believe we put so much thought and energy into an area that doesn’t define our worth.

Now you may be feeling that you need to work on your body or get back to a different version of yourself to feel better. I can relate to that feeling of absolute need. But what I have come to understand is that feeling, in itself, is a choice. You can choose to feel good, or you can choose to feel bad.  If your focus is on how much you lack, let yourself go, or need to change, that will be the storyline you continue to follow: shame, failure, victim. You may have a win, but you will return to that story again and again.  If we do the work to unwind these patterns, focus on our true self-worth, and what we are capable of, then our decisions to move forward in a positive direction will follow.  I assure you of that.

Before we move on to our first mindset homework assignment, I think a few things are worth mentioning⇒

  • As you begin to take the road less traveled, understand that relinquishing the idea that your self-worth is tied to your physical body does not mean that you are abandoning your health. Quite the opposite will occur when you chose to come from a place of grace.
  • There are many many steps to unwinding a decade-old story, and it takes a continuous effort. You can not expect a change without changing.
  • Progress is not always forward on this journey, and that is okay.
  • Finding balance is the ultimate goal, but what that looks like will vary significantly between individuals. As it should. Be open to trying different methods along the way and keep what suits you best.
  • You can accept yourself as you are right now and still desire to make a change. This is still self-acceptance.

The first thing in rewriting any storyline is understanding that our perspective is entirely warped in the first place. This week’s exercise will help you begin to recognize your self-applied false story.

Exercise: Visualizing Value
Time allotted: 15 minutes
Performed: 3 times this week

Find yourself some alone time. A car ride, during a run, or a shower, any place where you can escape from distractions.

Begin to daydream (if you will) and think about two or three people who mean the absolute world to you or someone that has added incredible value to your life. This could be a school teacher, best friend, child, or family member.

Now spend 5 minutes on each individual, waht about them brings you joy? What attributes do they have that have impacted you? Think about memories you have shared, allow yourself to feel all the emotions this person brings to your life and what makes them so so special. Take some time to soak up these emotions before moving on to the next person and doing the same.

Reflection: As you take stock on all the attributes these people have that makes them so special, were any related to the fact they don’t have wrinkles, cellulite, or fat on their thighs?

Now put yourself as the person of impact. Could it be true that you bring the same value to your closets relationships? That those people feel the same way when they think of you? Are you capable of feeling that way about yourself?

Homework done√

Don’t be surprised if this exercise feels weird or challenging. When we have spent decade after decade focusing on our flaws, shining light on our greatest qualities will feel foreign, and quite honestly awkward as fuck. We don’t seem to believe we deserve such accolades. But you are in a safe place, nobody hears your head, so I encourage you to go with it. This is the first step to seeing yourself in your true light.

Take time to repeat this exercise several times, and I hope to hear your feedback at our next group meeting:)