Remote Programs + Nutrition Coaching

Remote Coaching
Now Available!

Work with us anywhere! KFIT offers basic and custom programs depending on your needs and goals. If you are bored at the gym or need accountability with your home program, book a virtual intro to see if this program is right for you!

  • Fullbody Workouts delivered directly to your phone weekly.
  • Track and log progress right from our app.
  • Home workouts OR commercial gym programs available.
  • Accountability and support via our private Facebook sweat community.
  • Options available to add direct access to a coach as well as nutrition guidance.

Our goal is to be your pocket personal trainer.
Starting at $49/month

We offer a wide variety of programs to meet your goals, schedule, and workout environment. No more walking around the gym with no real plan or hitting a plateau with non-progressive programs. Get the best use of your time with science-backed workouts that maximize calorie burn and build muscle in less than 60 minutes. Our program pricing varies depending on the amount of customization and coaching you are looking for.

Workouts + Nutrition Coaching
Starting at $169/month

Looking for help and accountability with your diet along with our remote programming? Work with one of our Registered Dieticians!

  • Ditch the all or nothing mindset.
  • Eat right for your body type and lifestyle.
  • Learn how to eat in a balanced nonrestrictive way.
  • Navigate social outings and events without guilt.
  • Properly fuel your and workouts.

All while eating foods you enjoy!

Don’t take our word for it!