Protein-Packed Make-Ahead Breakfasts

Protein-Packed Make-Ahead Breakfasts

Hi there! We are in week 4 of our Nutrition Challenge and we know it can get tricky coming up with new ideas for meals.  Here are some tried and true recipes from our friend Tina @Carrots n’ Cake!


If your mornings are hectic, you might think it’s nearly impossible to make a healthy breakfast. But, if you do a little prep work the night before (or on the weekend), you’ll have a nutritious and tasty meal waiting for you first thing in the morning, which, of course, will make life that much easier and set a healthy tone for your entire day! That said, here are a bunch of make-ahead breakfasts to get your morning off on the right foot!

*** Tip: Select two of the recipes below (perhaps one sweet and one savory)and prep them on Sunday. That way, you can have two delicious and nutritious breakfast choices every morning all week long!

Crock-Pot Steel-Cut Oatmeal – Easiest recipe ever! I make a big batch on Sundays and then portion it out into individual containers that I just nuke in the microwave in the morning. And you can add just about anything to you want to them. My current favorite is canned pumpkin with chopped pecans and chia seeds.

Mini Frittatas – So tasty, so delicious! Just whip up some of these the night before (or on your prep day) and reheat in the morning. I like pairing them with a smoothie as an on-the-go breakfast. I also like squishing them between a toasted English muffin to make an instant breakfast sandwich.

Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches – If you’re an egg sandwich lover like me, you’ll love this make-ahead recipe for Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches– make a whole bunch on Sunday, freeze, and reheat for a quick breakfast. They’re also great because you can customize and change up your breakfast sandwiches from day to day!


Protein Pancakes – Made with Greek yogurt, eggs, and rolled oats, these pancakes are loaded with protein to keep you full all morning long. You can make these ahead of time and just reheat in the morning, or whip up the batter the night before and make them fresh. Both ways make breakfast quick and easy!