Vicki’s Story


I joined Kfit in May 2011. A friend had the schedule sitting on her table and I asked if she was going to join, it looked perfect for me. I loved the variations of cardio and strength. When I was younger it was pretty easy staying thin (not necessarily strong). We skied, roller bladed, rode bikes, played golf and went swimming all the time as a family. As my kids starting getting older I barely exercised and the pounds started packing on.I didn’t seem to have the time to do anything about it. I had tried aerobics, spinning and at the time I became interested in Kfit I belonged to another gym which I found totally boring.

I saw a trainer there once, my first day and the only time you were even acknowledged as a member was when you scanned in. Once you joined the trainers could care less what you did; on a positive note, I will say they usually smiled if there was eye contact.

My first class I had at Kfit I was mortified at what I could not do, but right from the get go everyone was so supportive and I just loved all the other Kfitters. I did go with a friend (Ginny) which is always a good thing if your trying something new and feel like your performance is pathetic…. I had been diagnosed with Degenerative Osteoarthritis around the time I joined. When I first joined Kfit the most I was able to work out was 3X/ week, it was just too challenging, but now I try to get in workouts 4X/ week at the very least. If I miss two consecutive days I can barely walk down stairs in the morning.I have lost 43 lb and have become so much stronger. I have completed three 5K’s, the Harpoon 5 Miler, and most importantly to me, the Hingham Fourth of July Road Race (4.57mi). This is a race I had wanted to run since my early twenties but never had the stamina. If it was not for the endurance I built up at Kfit and for the encouragement of one of my best KFit buds, KDubs I never would have registered and completed the race. Kerry and her girl friend ran that race with me. It was the best birthday present to my self, I turned 60 two days before!


I can not say enough about the friendships I have made and the fun we all have while working our butts off. With the guidance and support of the coaches I have exceeded all my expectations and to be honest I am little surprised. I am now able to modify when I need to on my own, I still struggle with the fact that I have to modify, but I’m working on that. As I was told by a very wise coach, “Progress is not just about losing weight… It’s about gaining strength,endurance,and the confidence to do something you couldn’t before! It’s all part of the journey!”

and my journey continues………