Lindsay’s Story


I can’t believe it’s already been 2 ½ years since I took my first class at KFIT. I was going to a local gym at the time and would run on the treadmill for as long as I could stand it and then do some sit ups. SO effin’ boring. I always felt so awkward trying to use the machines so I never even attempted. I reached out to my friend Chrissy who worked out at KFIT and recommended that I email for a free intro class. I expected to kill it—I could run a mile straight (okay, maybe on a good day) and felt I was in okay shape. Kerrie walked me through a really simple and short workout. REALLY simple and short. Welp, after 2 rounds I was outside, puking. Yep. Talk about a wake up call. Nevertheless, I had to fit into a wedding dress in a few months so I signed up!


Fast forward to a couple months later—I was loving KFIT workouts. They were never boring and so challenging. You are encouraged to push yourself but work at your own level. I was also so impressed by the amount of personal attention and training I received in a group setting. I found myself getting faster and stronger during workouts and making gains like dropping down a band for pullups and getting my first sets of double unders. However I hit a road block when I weighed in for the first time. I was working out hard, at least 4 days a week and I lost 1 measly pound in just over a month. I literally fought back the tears on the scale. Kerrie set me up with My Fitness Pal and helped me adjust my diet. Apparently working out for an hour does NOT offset an entire frozen pizza for dinner. I signed up for my first food challenge and started paying attention to what I was eating. It all finally clicked and the numbers on the scale dropped dramatically. The combo of nutritional guidance and programmed workouts make KFIT so unique. I felt great in my wedding dress on my wedding day and my dad even included KFIT in his wedding toast!


This year I decided I was in it to win it. Since I started KFIT, I’m now down 20lbs and 4 pants sizes (this still shocks me). I’m busting out unassisted pullups, double unders and toes to bar. I ran a 5 mile race in under 50 minutes without stopping this spring. I’m even keeping up with the girls who once lapped me in every workout (damn you girls keep me on my toes). But there is still so much I want to work on. I have changed my eating habits a lot, although I know I can still do better with logging and prepping as Kerrie reminds me all the time?. I need to improve on my weighted squats and barbell work. My goals reach far beyond the scale now. I can honestly say for the first time ever I really appreciate my body, what it looks like, and what it is capable of.


I thought that in my late 20s I had already met the friends I’d have for life in high school and college. I don’t know what I would do without my KFIT chicks. Holy cow I love you guys. Incredible, supportive, caring women.



For anyone who is unsure about trying it out—just do it. If you put in the effort, KFIT will be a life changer. Utilize open gym hours to focus on skills you want to improve on (I got my first pull up during OG!). Everyone works at a different level and pace so there is no need to be intimidated. You can also breathe easy knowing that I already won the prize for the worst/funniest intro class ever…