Nutrition Coaching
KFIT provide members with Custom Meal Plans and Nutrition Coaching that is completely individualized to their needs and lifestyles.  Just like in fitness, nutrition knowledge and needs vary significantly. When customizing a nutrition plan KFIT takes into consideration your age, activity level, metabolic burner type and macronutrient needs in order to to create a plan that will work for you long term. KFIT Nutrition Coaches helps to teach you  essential habits that you can sustain long past your meal plan. Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up or simply increase your energy levels and the way you feel, we can customize a plan for you. Our plans provide meal plan instruction as well as a grocery lists.

Nutrition Plan Options

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Mind Your Macros Plan
This monthly program includes personalized macronutrient calculation, weekly macro coaching & adjustments via MyFitnessPal, weekly check-ins, recipe ideas & unlimited coach support.
KFIT Custom
This premium coaching plan offers the greatest amount of accountability and customization, taking into account your food preferences, lifestyle, and personal diet challenges.
KFIT 21-Day Detox
This 3-week meal plan void of dairy, refined sugars and processed carbohydrates is great for someone looking to get back on track, but does not require accountability of a coach.
KFIT Recipe Club
With our recipe club, you'll receive 8-new macro-friendly recipes per month!


KFIT has partnered with nutrition to provide its members with the highest quality nutritional supplements on the market.

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