November News

November News


November News 

2018, you are flyingggggg! We can’t stop time, we can only keep powering through whether we like it or not.  The holidays can be a tough time to stay motivated for obvious reasons.  The next two months will be a challenge to keep attendance up and the food clean (for the most part), but WE CAN DO IT!! We are a force in numbers and if it takes having a designated buddy to help keep you accountable, then make that happen!  Let’s do our best to not look at the holidays as a whole, but just take it day to day and do what we can.


11/4 – Yoga is cancelled for the day.  Michelle will be getting her education on 🙂

Veteran’s Day: 11/12  We will rock the same schedule as Columbus Dy. Regular classes during the morning with Reduced PM schedule.  6:30PM Class only, Fit Custom and Big Group.

Thanksgiving: Closed- Get your sweat before the feast by signing up for The Dreamcatcher Run.  A perfect way to start the day!

Day after Thankgiving:  Regular schedule with additional 8:30AM FBB.


Bootcamp: 11/4 9-9:30 AM:  Toe to Bar Clinic- Must have 2-3 linked T2B.
FITCustom/Hybrid: 11/11 9-9:30 AM:  Barbell Clean Clinic- All Levels Welcome


Healthy Holiday Recipe Swap 11/9 7-10PM : Join us for a fun social night of recipe swapping and a chance to socialize in non-workouts clothes! This event is for members only. Come up with a healthier version of a favorite holiday recipe, with your recipe written on a note card. We will provide cups to sample and note cards to copy any recipes you love! The winner with the best recipe will get to opt out of burpees for the rest of the month:) 

*Holiday Mini photo sessions, Date 11/18,  Sign up available on Clean Eats post.  Pups and families welcome:)


Committed Committee:  The pressure is on for November and December to get your name on the white board and get your butts to as many classes as you can.  Maybe you make 20, maybe you don’t, but putting your name up may give you the motivation you need to get that number into double digits.  DO FOR YOU!

November New Year Resolution Challenge- A fun in-house challenge to get a jump on our resolutions! Keep an eye out for more details as we kick this off 11/5!


Your ACTIVITY this month MATTERS! For every check-in to KFIT using #kfitsgiving, KFIT will donate one non-perishable food item to the Weymouth Food Pantry. This time, we are getting the fam involved! Any walks or workouts that happen at home count too!  So be sure to check-in and share a pic (on your page, not clean eats) for it to count!   We will also collect non perishables in the gym to help our locals in need!


Thanksgiving – The Dreamcatcher-  Link to sign up above!  What’s better than kicking off the day with a crisp 2 or 5 mile run with a new route this year!

Yulefest 12/9 – So excited for this one, we have a solid crowd signed up.  Post coming soon with bus/ tee shirt ideas and all the little deets like what to bring etc.