Meet the Overboard Crew!

Meet the Overboard Crew!

Join the gym, start a business! In honor of #IWD we are shouting out this amazing group of women who took advantage of a gym friendship, and the pandemic downtime. We couldn’t love this story enough! Be sure to support this tasty endeavor! ⁠


The three of us met several years ago at KFit and quickly became friends! Not only do we share a love of
fitness, but we also share a love for homemade cooking and creativity. During quarantine, we found the
time to truly exercise those passions! The longer we were cooped up the more we would experiment.
Soon enough, we found ourselves breaking out of our comfort zone and challenging ourselves in the
kitchen with new recipes and food pairings.

Like most, the three of us enjoy a good charcuterie! We began reading and researching the components
to create delicious, balanced and visually appealing boards. Through lots of taste testing and playing
with our food, we found ourselves creating our own homemade boards and loved the idea of sharing the
skills we developed with others.

When we get together, our group has a tendency of going overboard with the amount of food we
prepare and even our ideas, hence we chose the name Overboard! What started out as making
sourdough and jam, has turned into charcuterie boards, themed boards, sandwich boards and even dog
treats- because who doesn’t want to spoil their furry best friends too!

What separates us from the store-bought boards is that we strive to make as much as we can from
scratch. We feel that by making our own small-batch bread, crackers, jams and sides, we offer a unique
product that is exclusively our own. We shop locally with freshness and quality in mind. Our goal is to
provide our customers with the tastiest and most creative boards possible with special attention to the
detail to create a product we know our customers will enjoy!

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram and keep us in mind for any special occasions in the future!
Molly Ross, Kathleen DiVaio and Michele Mazzarella