KFIT Giving Tree

KFIT Giving Tree

For those of you spending your first Christmas with KFIT, every year the KFIT community adopts several local families in need and anonymously fulfill their Christmas wish list. It certainly one of our favorite ways to end the year.  This year, with your help we will be able to give three families the Christmas they deserve.

How It Works:  Our KFIT Christmas Tree will be decorated with lots of tags.  Those tags will have the family members name or age on one side,  and a wish on the other side.  You can help by taking a tag off the tree and fullfilling the wish.  Take one or two or however many you please.  We ask that you wrap the gift or use a gift bag and clearly mark the gift with the name of the family member.  You can use original tag from the tree or make a new one signed from Santa 🙂

You can drop your gifts off at KFIT throughout the month.  We would like all gifts to be in by Friday, December 21st please.

Family 1:  Two boys ages 17 and 7.

Family 2: Two boys ages 15 and 12.

Family 3: Three boys, ages 6, 4 and 3.

We find the parents are reluctant to put down anything for themselves so we always add some gift cards, blankets, household items to be included.   Of course it is more than ok to buy a gift for a family without a tag also.

Thank you all, we could not do this year after year without your help and generosity. <3