June Member Spotlight: Katie W.

June Member Spotlight: Katie W.

Introducing our June Member Spotlight, Katie W! You can find Katie in our 5:30 pm class with her gym bestie Gail….Katie is the quieter one;) She is quiet but fierce and we have watched her confidence grow so much over the past year with us!  One of our favorite things to do is turn cardio-conditioned-queens into lifting-lovers, and that is certainly what happened to Katie! She has shown huge gains in her strength, and is someone who sets realistic goals and tackles them! And always with the best attitude! It’s always scary switching things up from what you are used to, but often reaps the best reward!  We are so happy she found a home at KFIT!


I joined KFITin July of 2017. Before KFIT I belonged to a gym called CATZ Performance. It was a sports training facility with adult fitness classes. The majority of the workouts were cardio based and consisted of running, plate pushes, assault bike, and some light dumbbell work. In the summer of 2017, they decided to close this location and I knew I needed to find a new place fast or I would get out of the routine of going to the gym! After a quick google search, I came across KFIT



I remember the first time I tried a KFIT class with Kerrie. I was so nervous and so grateful that I had my friend Gail there with me. I had never used a barbell or a kettle bell before. I was very intimidated by this new equipment and all the girls who were using the equipment. They were so strong and confident. However, Kerrie and everyone in the class were all so welcoming and encouraging. Kate Pratt was the first KFitter to welcome me and make me feel like I already belonged. (I’m sure you all know her. I believe she is everyone’s first cheerleader at KFIT). I’ve come a long way since joining KFIT and have done things I didn’t even know I could do! I’ve completed a rope climb (“…like when we used to climb the rope in gym class.”). I hope to do it again too! I’m currently working on mastering double unders. And hope to eventually get T2B!


I did the strength camp with coach Kerrie and now I have no hesitation grabbing that 35 lb barbell. I’ve been loving recording my workouts and seeing how I’ve progressed since joining. And I don’t think any of it was possible without the support of the amazing coaches and members at this gym. The coaches at KFIT make working out fun. They give you that extra push that you need and the confidence to keep trying. KFIT really is more than just a gym. It is an amazing community to be a part of and I’m so glad I became a member.