July News

July News


Happy SUMMER 🙂 May it be filled with cookouts, beach days, R&R and of course, KFIT! We hope to be in your regular rotation and to help keep you motivated, we’re throwing out an attendance challenge that you will want to participate in!! Read on for the details..


  • Week of July 4th- Be sure to check Club Ready as we have reduced for the holiday and also added a Fit Custom class on the 3rd at 9:30.
  • For July and August we will be keeping an eye on the classes that regularly have low attendance and canceling if there is not two or more signed up.  We will make the decision two hours before class, therefore it is important to sign up ahead of time whenever possible.


  • It’s July and that means it’s going to be hot in the gym.  Extra sweat woooo hooooo! The A/C will be turned on as needed but it’s good to prepare for it to be warm.   Stay hydrated throughout the day and always take rest when you need it.  This does not apply to the Play Care area, those babies will always be in cool temps.
  • Plastic FREE July! This month KFIT challenges you to reduce single-use plastic at the gym and at home. We are committing to ZERO plastic water bottles in the gym this month and sharing some of our favorite at home products, so pick up that reusable bottle and join the challenge!
  • Lost and Found basket is overflowing with winter gear, take a look to see if you may have left without your Helly Hansen Winter jacket LOL.  For reals tho, there’s a ski jacket in there.  We will be donating all that is left behind at the end of the month.  Same goes for the rouge water bottles! ( they will be tossed not donated) Claim your things.
  • Gear round 2 should be in sometime this month.  Hope everyone is loving their new stuff! Please try and pick you your items as soon as they come in. Tag us in your hoodies and tanks while you’re having some summer fun or doing a home workout.
  • Hey Moms! The landlord reached out and asked that no children be unattended outside the building. They are welcome to hang around the tree after class but they need to be with a mom. It’s a busy lot and he wants to keep things safe. We will keep the front door closed to try to avoid them heading out ahead of us. Thanks!


For the month’s of July and August, we are going to do something a little different! We are going to do a Committed Committee for the 2 months combined. Here’s the fun part! We are also going to allow at home or vacation workouts! Physical activity MUST  be a minimum of 20-minutes to count, so 50 jumping jacks at home is NOT included. Your job is to check in on your personal Facebook or insta and tag us! You will be responsible of keeping track of your workouts in the board in the gym.  Winner will be picked by attendance AND creative check-ins.  The winner will receive a FREE MONTH of KFIT. Worth sweating for!


Guess whose back, back again!!!

Skin MD will be back on Saturday July 13th from 9:30-3:30 for another injectables event.

There will be limited spots available, to sign up for this event e-mail me at jodi@kfitbody.com and let me know a few times that you are available!!!


Plymouth’s 4th of July 5K

Run to Home Base SAturday, July 27th