January News

January News

January News

Happy New Year KFIT-ers!! We are kicking off the year with all the motivation to help you be your best self and celebrate wins no matter the size!

But before we say goodbye to 2018, let’s take a minute to honor some December achievements!


KFIT-er of the Year We are finishing out the year with a brand new tradition here at KFIT! At the end of the year, we will take all member spotlights and award one the super awesome achievement award of KFIT-er of the Year!  The lucky KOY receives two months free of KFIT!  And our 2018 winner is…Kate Pratt!! We love Kate for so many reasons, but we especially love her commitment to hard work and kindness.  She cheers for EVERYONE, she works her weaknesses, food preps like a champ, signs up for the extra classes, Kate goes the extra mile.  Since we started the “Committed Committee” over a year ago, Kate has not missed one month of making it to 20 classes or more!!! That is some pretty serious commitment. KFIT as a whole is very lucky to have her and she has set the standards high for the 2019 KOY!  Congratulations KP for a much-deserved award!

January Schedule Updates/Events

12/31 – New Year’s Eve – Regular AM schedule plus 3:30 BG and 4;30 FC will be offered for an afternoon class.

1/1/19 – New Year’s Day – Kick the new year off with a sweat session! 10 AM Bootcamp and Fit Custom

1/20/19– Yoga canceled for the day. You may have noticed a new instructor for Yoga. While we adored Michelle she, unfortunately, could not continue due to the distance. We are lucky to have a new instructor Elissa stepping right in, who specializes in restorative yoga. Be sure to introduce yourself when you see her!

Open Gym Skills Clinic 

9:30-10AM- Sign up on Club Ready

Sunday 1/6 with Coach Kel
“Dub clinic”
Learning the basic dub
Drills to help link your dubs

Sunday 1/20 with coach Ally
“The pull-up kip”
– must be able to do 5-10 strict pullups on a number 2 band or below
-learn the basic kip and/or learning to link your kipping pullups

Play Care adjustment- 4:30 PM PC on Thursdays will be off the schedule for January due to low attendance.

SNOW DAYS-  If we are getting a significant amount of snow, Stormy Weathers (AKA Coach Mel) will make the call that is safest for everyone the night before.  If you’re booked into class, you will receive an email about a cancellation, it will also be posted on KFIT Clean Eats.

Please wear your snow boots to the gym during the wet weather and change when you get to KFIT.  We ask that you take your sneakers with you when you leave please and thank you!

Complimentary Goal Setting Consults—> BOOK HERE

What are your goals?? Big or small we want to hear about them and help you stay accountable.  Goals can sometimes be overwhelming and we often set unrealistic expectations for ourselves.  Instead of throwing some random impossible thoughts out there, book a 20-minute goal setting consult with Coach Kerrie and Coach Ally to really narrow down some expectations you want to set for 2019.  Knowing the goals of our members will help us provide better coaching and curriculum to help you succeed. Don’t see a time that works- email Allyot24@gmail.com to request a time!

January Fitness Challenge –  Let’s get moving – The goal will be to walk a mile a day,  broken up or all at once just get those steps in on the daily.  Bundle up and lose the excuses, you can do it!

New Year New You Nutrition Plan $349 —> REGISTER HERE
8-weeks January 14th – March 9th


  • “A little Less Custom” 8-Week Meal Plan.
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks set to a custom calorie and balanced macronutrient prescription.
  • Grocery lists and meal prep recipes.
  • Access to KFIT’s Registered Dietitian Mary Kate (MK) throughout the plan.
  • Bi-weekly weigh-ins and progress assessments.
  • Weekly mindset and healthy habit building goals.
  • NYNY private facebook group for added support and accountability.

In order to provide a more affordable meal plan option, we have created a bit less custom meal plan. With this plan, the food will not be customized, but the calories and macros will be. All participants will be following the same meal plan and will be provided with a new plan each week, along with a general swap guide for food items that can be changed. The meal plan itself will be customized to the individuals caloric needs with a balanced macronutrient breakdown. If dietary restrictions or allergies are to be considered, a custom plan is required.

Just the Macros $199 —>REGISTER HERE
Have a good grasp on macros and don’t need the full meal plan? The New Year New You Macro Plan will be a perfect fit. Clients will receive a custom macronutrient prescription with weekly progress assessments and adjustments as needed.
*Clients must have experience tracking macros and provide a 1-week food log to Coach Kerrie by 1/7/19 for approval into this group.

Spread the Fitness Love- January Referral Special

Have a friend interested in KFIT? We are launching a 6- week beginners camp, Couch to KFIT on January 14th! This program includes 3-classes per week along with a meal plan for $699. Refer a friend to the camp and you both receive a $100 KFIT credit toward future class memberships! Just email us and CC your bestie and we will take it from there!