It’s Time for Flex 2021!

It’s Time for Flex 2021!

If you know KFIT, you know we aren’t just any old gym. We’re a women’s fitness center focused on the whole woman. Sure, we will kick your butt in one of our trademark Bootcamp classes, but we also help women with their overall health. We have an on-staff Registered Dietician, Kelsey, who works with our clients to find the right fit for nutrition, and we even have team members who started a program just for pregnant and post-partum mammas (shout out to Fitpartum!). We haven’t begun offering actual therapy (we’ll leave that to the pros!), but aside from that, we’re pretty much a one-stop-shop for women wherever they are on their health and wellness journey.

One of the best parts about KFIT is the supportive community – women helping women be their best selves and twice a year, we turn that support into an AMAZING nutrition program. If you’ve been around for a while, you know all about our bi-annual Flex Nutrition Workshops. You know that it’s really more of a nutrition support group than a nutrition plan. If you’re new here, let me break it down for ya because we have a new one starting on MARCH 1ST, PEOPLE!

Our Spring 2021 Flex Nutrition Workshop is an 8-week program designed to help you find a balanced approach to weekly meal planning. No more “what’s for dinner?” or logging calories into an app. The program addresses common challenges like managing social (-ly distanced) events, cravings, and more to set you up for long-term success. 


Spring 2021 Flex Nutrition Workshop

Registration Opens: February 8th

Program Begins: March 1st

Cost: $299


  •  7- new recipes sent weekly and our flexible meal guide so you can plan your meals around what works for your goals, lifestyle, and tastebuds. 
  • Flexible meal options for social (distancing) situations- date night should never be off-limits!
  • Expansive snack list that feeds your cravings customized by the group; you love it, we add it! 
  • Calories Customized to your personal goals by our in-house Registered Dietitian, Kelsey.
  • Weekly progress assessments and calorie adjustments needed to meet goals.
  • Weekly Online Education, Mindset Workshops, Facebook lives, and virtual group meetings with Kelsey.
  • Email access to Kelsey to assist with challenges.
  • Access to our Facebook Group for support, guidance, and fun challenges.

All you need to bring to the party is a scale that measures body fat, a Facebook account, and the ability to commit 1-2 hours per week throughout the program to meal prep and education. It really does not get easier or more stress-free, ladies.

This program is so amazing! Don’t believe me? Hear it from some of our friends from the Fall 2020 Flex Nutrition Workshop:

“This one was the best. I loved the weekly check-in. I loved knowing the nutritional data. I loved having the week to try and make your own foods.  I feel that it made me more educated than the other challenges and I don’t feel lost. Also, the food continues to be outstanding.”

“I feel great!  I feel less bloated and more comfortable in my body. I also feel more comfortable incorporating foods I previously demonized (I.e., pasta).”

“I loved that this program helped me gain control of my nutrition without being overwhelming.  I was never hungry and really didn’t have any cravings that I couldn’t allow myself to indulge without ruining my plan.”

I really hope you will join us this spring to change your whole mentality around nutrition. Registration opens on February 8th. 

Xoxo, Kerrie