FitPartum Packages

FitPartum Pregnancy Package

FitPartum’s goal is to teach you our core, pelvic floor & lifting techniques to help your progress safely in your pregnancy and prepare your body for the best recovery possible post-baby. These sessions can be used at any time during your pregnancy as each trimester can bring new obstacles for you and your changing body.
  • Three (3) 60 minute sessions with Dr.Kellie Bedoni

FitPartum Postpartum Basic Package

Be prepared to sweat again! Our FitPartum Postpartum Basic Package includes:
  • Four (4) 60 minute sessions including One (1) Postpartum evaluation and assessment on Diastasis recti, core and pelvic floor activation techniques
  • This package is customized to you and available for all stages of postpartum 6 weeks to 6 years)
  • Your last visit will be a full strength and cardio session to apply what you have learned and confidently return to exercising again

FitPartum Virtual Coaching

Our virtual coaching program is designed for either the pregnant or postpartum woman who is looking to safely and effectively workout, yet she is not able to work with us in person or she does not have access to a gym at all. These workouts are customized to your individual level, expertise, needs and limitations. Our Virtual Coaching Package includes:
  • 2-4 workouts per week depending on your specific goals & needs
  • Continued coaching guidance and accountability via an app, PLUS exercise videos with each exercise

FitPartum Return to Running Program

The postpartum woman looking to return to running is one of our most complex clients. Postpartum women, and runners, in particular, deserve programs developed by qualified professionals who not only have the expertise and education but the experience as postpartum moms. Our Return to Running program includes:
  • 4-week program that gives you specific & realistic work to rest ratios as well as time domains we recommend when first returning to running based on scientific research.
  • 8 strength workouts that include: pelvic floor plyometric exercises, lower body strength & core strength exercises all to help prevent injury and prepare your body to return to running.
  • 16 workout videos to guide you through all our FitPartum exercises with correct form and execution.
  • Our free Downloadable 'FitPartum 5 things I wish I knew before I started running after my baby'

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