Remote Coaching NOW AVAILABLE!

Work with us anywhere! KFIT offers basic and custom programs depending on your needs and goals. Your workouts are delivered directly to your phone where you can track and log progress as well as access support via our private Facebook community. If you are bored at the gym or need accountabilty with your home program, book a virtual intro to see if this program is right for you!

*Options to add diect access to a coach as well as nutrition guidance*


Our FitCustom class fits all levels and offers a full-body workout complimenting a 2-3x/week training schedule. The small group setting allows for a customized approach to ensure an appropriate and effective workout for each individual.  You can expect full-body resistance training with segments of cardio mixed in this 60-minute class.


Our 60-minute Bootcamp class uses progressive training methods for the fitness junkie who trains 4-6/per week. BC focuses on varying resistance exercises to build lean muscle as well as interval training to improve overall conditioning, through the use of dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, barbells, body weight moves and more. You can expect segments of cardio, strength, endurance, mobility and agility training.