February Member Spotlight, Missy T.

February Member Spotlight, Missy T.

Meet our February Member Spotlight, Missy T! Missy has been at KFIT for almost four years and received her coveted “vet status” this past June. We always feel incredibly honored when people stick with us through some significant life events, and Missy is one of those people! She has k-fitted through a wedding and two pregnancies! You can find Missy at the gym 6-days a week, which is a massive accomplishment in and of itself considering both her kiddos are under two! Her priorities have certainly shifted since she initially walked through our doors, but her consistency over the years has resulted in an incredible transformation both physically and mentally. We love how hard she works and are so lucky to have her as a part of the KFIT community.



I joined KFIT back in March 2015. Wanting something new to get me “wedding ready”, I searched the internet and stumbled across the KFIT gym website and signed up for a trial Bootcamp class with Kerrie. There was one other girl in the trial class, and although it was not a competition my competitive streak kicked in and I spent the entire workout wanting to be faster than her. In the end, Kerrie said she thought the gym would be a good fit for me. And well I guess she was right, I am still a member almost 4 years later!


You would have initially found me in class at 5:30 am. All early AM’ers should get a pat on the back – it isn’t easy. Granted it was very early, in hindsight I was not pushing myself to my full ability. I felt good and I dropped the few lbs I was hoping to for my wedding but it was not until my schedule changed and I became a 9:30 am regular that I really started progressing with my strength and skills. Fast forward to now, 7 months postpartum baby #2 and we were heading to Aruba on our first vacation as a family of four. Not feeling fully comfortable in my own skin again yet I almost bought target out of all of their tankini bathing suits. After receiving some encouraging words from other members at KFIT I realized I should be proud of myself and my body! Not only did I have 2 kids in under 2 years but I have worked my butt off to feel like “me” again! I am my own worst critic but I decided to cut myself some slack and pack those bikinis and I am so proud that I did.


So what got me here, 2 babies later and stronger then I have ever been? It all comes down to everything that KFIT has to offer. Without the amazing coaches, diverse workouts, nutritional guidance and of course the amazing positive encouragement of the other gym members I would be lost. And by lost, I mean bouncing around from gym to gym every year or so and never gaining the results I was looking for. I LOVE to workout (I must be a real glutton for punishment). However, I hate working out alone. The Bootcamp classes at KFIT are the perfect mix. The classes are large enough to motivate me and I love the daily comradery but still small enough that the coaches can assist with my individual progress and correct form. But, what really gets me to the gym 6 days a week? An hour alone! My kids get to play in the KFIT play care room (which has the best sitters ever in my opinion) and I get the much needed and deserved hour to myself to workout! I am truly a better mom (and wife) because of it.

Some things I have learned over my time at KFIT are that I should be proud of any and all of my progress at the gym, I can not always give 110% but that is okay as long as I am moving. I occasionally need an extra push from the coaches, which they always seem to recognize. I adore all my friends at KFIT but would be especially lost without my mommy tribe both in and out of the gym. Not everyone can say they have made forever friends because of the place they exercise at. I am so very thankful to be a member of such an amazing gym, with the best coaches and constant positive vibes from the KFIT family/community.