Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where do I learn about gym events?
    KFIT Events will be listed under our News Link as well as on our
    KFIT Clean Eats and Info, our member’s only Facebook page.
  • Do my unused classes carry over to the next month?
    No, classes will expire if they are not used in the month they were purchased. If you have 8 classes, you can use them anytime in the mont. You can come 5 times in one week, if you like! But they will not transfer to the next month if unused.
  • When do my classes re-issue?
    Your classes will be reissued 1 month from your start date. If you start on the 5th of the month, they will reissue on the 5th of the month. If you are trying to book past the 5th of the month, you may see
    No credits available. This is because you are due for more credits and will need to wait till they are reissued in order to book PAST that date.
  • What if I want to come and extra day?
  • What if a class is full?
    You will be added to a waitlist and automatically dropped into the class if a spot opens. You will receive a confirmation email if a spot opens and you are booked.
  • What if I am going away or have the plague?
  • How far out can I book a class?
    10 days in advance.
  • How do I sign my child into the Kids Room?
    You will do this the same way you book a class, only your child will need a separate login. Email memberservices@kfitbody.com
  • What is Open Gym?
    Open Gym is 90 minutes of “free” time that does not count toward your class credits. You can come and work on anything you like! A Coach will be on duty but it is not a formally taught class. Most members pick a workout from the week that they may have missed and do it together.
  • What is Specialty Class?
    Held on Fridays at 5:30pm. This class counts as a regular class. The whole hour focuses on a particular movement (clean, snatch, pull ups) or topics such as meal prep 101, that our members need some added focus on.  This class may be for all levels or advanced only, depending on the topic. There may also be an added fee depending on the popularity or content required for the class.  Upcoming Specialty Class topics will be listed on the schedule and News link.
  • How do I sign up for a Nutrition Consult?
  • What if I have scheduling, cancelling, billing or software issues of any kind?
    Attempt on both the mobile app AND computer, if still having issues email memberservices@kfitbody.com
  • How do I cancel or freeze my membership?