December News

December News



Hello everyone! Crazy that it’s already December, but here we are! We’d like to thank all of you who took the time to check in last month for two very important causes, D.O.V.E. and the Weymouth Food Pantry.  The fact that our community likes to give back as much as we do just warms our hearts. This will be our biggest #kfitsgiving shop to date! Before we wave goodbye to 2018, we are ending the year the best way possible,  by giving back to the community with our KFIT Giving Tree. Details to come!

Housekeeping things!

*With the colder temps upon us, come prepared to run outside. We run outside until the ice and snow come! Hoodies and Hats! 

*Snowy wet weather makes for a gross gym floor, please wear a different pair of shoes to the gym and change into your sneakers when you get in.  We ask that you do not leave your sneakers here, please take them with you after class. 

*If there is a chance of class being cancelled due to weather we will hold off until the last minute possible, but we will make the call that is the safest for everyone.  Class will be cancelled the night before if needed.  You will get a cancellation email if you’re signed up and it will also be posted on our Clean Eats Facebook Page. 

Schedule Updates:

12/9 No OG,  because 68 KFIT chicks will be at Yule Fest 🙂

12/24 + 12/26 Additional sitting added for school vacation week.  8:30/9:30AM Monday and Wednesday.


12/24 Christmas Eve Schedule:  5:15AM, 6:30/7:30AM Open Gym, 8:30AM and 9:30AM class

12/25 Closed – Merry Christmas!!!

12/31 NYE: Regular AM classes, Reduced PM- 3:30/4:30 only.

1/1/19 New Years Day: Lets start 2019 sweaty! We will hold one class at 10AM and add if needed!

***6:15AM on Tuesday and Thursday’s will now be an Open Gym hour***

Fit Custom:

**We are making some FitCustom class adjustments per the feedback from the survey. Please note we trial changes for 30-days and then reassess.**

12/10 Wednesday’s 9:30am  hour will move to Monday’s as of 12/10. Wednesday 9:30am will be a Fitcustom Open Gym Hour.

12/11 Tuesday’s 5:30pm will move to 4:30pm. 5:30 will be a Fitcustom Open Gym hour.

12/24– Christmas Eve: 6:30am & 7:30 am Open gym. 9:30am class. No PM classes

12/25 Closed – Merry Christmas!!!

12/31 New Year’s Eve-9:30am and 3:30am added.

1/1/19 New Years Day- Lets start 2019 sweaty!  We will hold one class at 10AM and add if needed!


12-days of Fitmass Workout 12/22: Saturday Classes – wear your festive Christmas gear!

YULE FEST! Still time to sign up and we will have enough room for everyone to ride the bus!! 12/9/18  Bus leaves KFIT at 7:45AM sharp and returns around 2PM.  This is definitely one of the most fun days of the year for us, we are looking forward to celebrating the season with all of y’all!

Committed Committee

Congratulations to these ladies to who hit 20 or more classes in the month of November!! It’s easy to use the holidays as an excuse to drop off the map. So BIG shout out to all who kept their attendance up!

Jess Cohen, Gail H.,Vicki, Kate P.  

KFITGiving Tree

For those of you spending your first Christmas with KFIT, every year the KFIT community adopts several local families in need and anonymously fulfills their Christmas wish-list. It is certainly one of our favorite ways to end the year, check out our blog with family details and how you can help!

It’s the last month of 2018…so if you faced some ups and downs this year,  take time to reflect on all your accomplishments and look at those obstacles as opportunity to grow. We look forward to setting and demolishing some goals in 2019! To help you prepare for an amazing 2019, set some realistic goals and keep you accountable, we will be offering 20-minute 2019 goal setting sessions with Coach Kerrie and Coach Ally in January! We will be dropping session availability mid December!