Creating an Effective At-Home Workout

Creating an Effective At-Home Workout

As we settle into quarantine life, you’re likely looking for ways to keep your fitness in check. Long walks are fun and all, but if you’re like us, you crave a good daily sweat.

Of course, there are tons of free workouts circulating the interwebs, but picking random exercises that look cool may be a recipe for an injury. We recently saw a challenge circulating that included a 3-mile run, 100 burpees, and 1000 pushups.

Hold on a minute while we go have a funeral for your rotator cuff….

OK- we’re back. And we’re here to help.

As a fitness studio that heavily focuses on strength training, it’s been an interesting shift! Since many of our remote clients can’t train with the same equipment they’re used to; we’ve taken the opportunity to get creative and perfect basic (yet challenging) movement patterns.  And challenging is exactly what they’ve been!

So if you feel like you’re missing structure in your workouts,  here is a rundown on how we’re keeping our remote clients moving and feeling good.

Our weekly workout includes:

  • Full-body days prioritized three days/week.
  • Cardio only days prioritized two days per week.
  • Yoga *float day* which with our clients means almost never done, but at least we feel good providing the option for them.

This format has worked great for those who can only squeeze in 2-3 days of fitness. They prioritize the full-body workouts to ensure they get the most bang for their buck. Those who still workout out 5-6 days/week are not overtraining. It also keeps the workouts fun, and from a trainer’s standpoint, easier to manage when working with a minimal equipment program.

Here is a couple of full-body examples for you!

Workout 1:

KFIT warmup

Strength Superset
A1) Kettle Bell Sit to Stand 3×12 (split)
A2) Slider Push-ups 3 x max set
A3) KB Gorilla Row 3x 8-10 each
B) Workout

5 Slider Single leg RDL
10 Double DB Snatch Swing
20 Slider Plank WalksAMRAP 6
5 Slider Push up + Tuck in
10 DB Sumo High Pull
20 Side Plank Punch (split)AMRAP 5
5 Burpees
10 DB Figure 8s
20 DB Curtsey Step up (split)AMRAP 4
5 Burpees
10 Double DB Snatch Swing
10 Box jumps OR fast step-ups

Cool down and stretch!

Workout 2:

KFIT warmup

Strength Superset:
A1)Unilateral Russian Lunge 3 x 8 (each)
A2)DUMBBELL BICEP 21’s 3 sets (one set = 21 reps)
A3)Banded Tricep extension 3x 10 (each)

B) Workout
Cash-in: 800m – 1 mile run *depending on level

Then: 4 rounds for time
14 Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans
14 Serratus leg raises
14 Lunges w/ bicep curls
14 NG tricep press in bridge

Cash-out: 800m – 1 mile run *depending on level

Cool down and stretch!

Here is a little tool we built to help you create your own. You can utilize our YouTube channel for movement demonstrations and get creative on your own!


Hopefully, this helps you structure some at-home workouts on those days you need some inspiration. If you need that extra push (which, let’s face it, we could all use these days), we are offering remote programming and virtual class drop-ins as well as remote nutritional coaching. We’d love to help you come out of this time at home looking and feeling great. If you’re interested in any of these online programs, book your No Sweat Consult below!