The Confitnce Project

The Confitnce Project is a 4 week program for preteen girls to discover their own unique strength and power!


Each workshop is designed to spark confidence for girls in their food choices, stress management skills and understanding that no one size fits all when it comes to movement and fitness!


These workshops are lead by inspirational female leaders in the community that dedicate their work to inspiring positive change and growth!

our fearless leaders


Kerrie Gotell

Kerrie Gotell is the founder of KFIT Body and has spent nearly a decade empowering women through fitness and nutrition programs. KFIT inspires women to love the skin they’re in by discovering their strength, she hopes to bring the same inspiration to the next generation.


Sam Carney

Sam Carney is the founder of Blossom Bright. She is a local energy healer, herbalist and girl empowerment facilitator. Sam helps girls build healthy relationships, develop positive self awareness, and implement holistic self care tools.

featured speakers


Julia & Melissa

Julia and Melissa are the co-founders of Mood Food Events. Their mission is to help people nourish the deeply rooted connection between what you eat and how you feel and ultimately inspire better living by learning to love and listen to your best self.


Julia is a private practitioner and owner of Mental Health Foood as well as an In-home therapy/outreach clinician with Aspire Health Alliance. Melissa is a free-spirited entrepreneur with a passion for perusing projects that bring more joy to the world around her.

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