Coach Em

Coach Em
Fitness & Nutrition Coach
Community Success Manager

How did you get started in the fitness industry?
I got started in the fitness industry with KFIT. I made a major career change in my early 30’s that put me on the path to a more fullfilling life.


What has fitness taught you?
Fitness has taught me so much through the years. My biggest takeway at this stage of my life is just being grateful that I have the ability to move my body every single day, something I never take for granted.


How do you stay motivated?
I don’t view exercise as a chore. It is something I truly want to do in some shape or form daily. Fitness is my therapy.


What’s your go-to nutrition tip?
Moderation. Be sensible throughout the week but don’t skip out on the good stuff like dessert or drinks with friends because of the calories. You got to live. I would never want to over do it on the crap food day in and day out because I would be a lethargic slug. I definitley believe we are what we eat.


Favorite Quote?
“You are responsible for your own happiness” – unknown

Favorite amp up song?
Too many good jams to only pick one.


Favorite KFIT movement?
Squat Cleans. The more I learn, the more I love the breakdown of the movement resulting in a better lift.


Dogs or Cats?
Hardcore animal lover right here. I have had a Kitty named Ziggy for 10 plus years and have now had my dogs, Macy and Obie for 2 years. I can’t imagine life without them. The dogs are way more needy, I would have to say Dogs if it was an ultimate choice deserted island type situation. Sorry Zigg 🙁


If you could only eat one thing forever what would it be?
Yeaaa I’m one of those indecisisve people at all resturaunts but I guess if I had to choose it would be a steak and salmon combo. See I can’t pick one.


What would you tell your 20-year-old self?
Oh Lord. UBER.