Better Than Your Basic BBQ Recipes

Better Than Your Basic BBQ Recipes

When I am hosting a BBQ, I love to cook items that can easily turn into leftovers.  Add some extra veggies and you have lunch for the workweek.  Here are a few “better than” your basic BBQ recipes.


Shredded BBQ Chicken

Turkey Sausage Peppers + Onions

I am always a fan of something that doesn’t keep me (OK my husband) glued to the grill. We can cook these the night before or the morning of, and they stay good all day, unlike most grill foods that need to be eaten immediately.


Avocado Corn Salad

*I use canned or frozen corn*

Greek Pasta Salad

*I use Banza to add more protein*


Greek Layer Dip

Cleaned Up Taco Dip


Smores! Nothing says the 4th like smores! They are delicious, rich, and harder to overindulge in because they take some prep. You have time to think if you really want another one, rather than a quick impulse grab that is easier to do with cookies or cake.

Strawberry Trifle w/ Pound Cake

Cake but sans the extra sugary frosting. Red white and blue it up with some blueberries.

With sweets, it’s more about allowing yourself to indulge, rather than trying to restrict. We live in America, you have access to sweets whenever you want, not just for one day! That takes away the scarcity mindset and you will actually begin to desire less.