August Member Spotlight: Kim Vo Minsky

August Member Spotlight: Kim Vo Minsky

Kim met Kerrie back in 2012 where they both attended the same Crossfit Box. Kim is always a hard worker and after she had her first child her fitness priorities changed a little bit. She needed the push of group fitness but in an environment that would cater to her new lifestyle of being a mommy! That’s when she remembered Kerrie and she made the move over to KFIT!

Kim continues to push it in every class. We love having her not only as a member but she is also a part of our coaching staff and will help out when needed! Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you!!

I joined KFIT in April 2017 after Kerrie reached out to me to sub a class for her. I was actually looking for a new gym so it was perfecting timing. Kerrie and I met back in 2012 at CF781 and I’m so happy we crossed paths! Before KFIT I was Crossfitting/coaching at CF781 and QCCF.

After having my first baby, my workout priorities and mentality changed. There was no more time (or want) for double sessions or pushing myself past my redline to only feel completely beat up for the rest of the week. KFIT was the perfect place for me! The coaches were amazing at providing me with modifications and I ALWAYS got a killer workout out in an hour!

2 years later, I have been through quite the journey while at KFIT. The coaches have helped me through post-pregnancy with baby #1 and pre/post-pregnancy with baby #2. Back in January of this year, I ended up leaving my job to stay home with my two boys. We have become 9:30 am regulars and look forward to it 5-6x a week. The boys love their time in the playroom with their gym buddies and mama gets her 1 hour of “me” time.

The boot camp classes at KFIT are just what I needed. An hour where I can get a serious sweat on and build strength while making it sustainable to go 5-6x a week. I’ve also done more running during workouts than I ever have! I love the mixture of lifting and cardio that the programming has to offer.

I’d say my biggest accomplishment at KFIT is not physical but mental. I’ve always compared myself to everyone else in the room. Constantly beating myself because I wasn’t lifting as much weight or I wasn’t fast enough. I am FINALLY comfortable with my own performances and my own capabilities. It feels amazing to leave the gym knowing I got a great workout in. I really don’t know what I would do without KFIT and all the amazing women I get to see daily! I am especially thankful for all the ladies who stop in their tracks and help me get my boys into the gym – there have been plenty of toddler tantrums in the parking lot! I am grateful for the community Kerrie has built. I’ve met a lot of great people here and I look forward to continuing on this journey!